Innokin T18 Mod

Innokin T18 Mod

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Box Contents: 1 x Innokin Endura T18 Battery


The Innokin T18 battery is the power behind the Endura T18 vape pen kit. This sturdy and reliable battery has a 1000mAh capacity and its use is very simple, featuring one button operation that beginner vapers will appreciate.

This vape battery is optimised at 18W – plenty of power for your M2L setup. It has a LED battery life indicator that flashes in green, yellow, and red to signal the remaining charge. The Innokin T18 battery is charged with a USB cable from your laptop or computer and supports pass-through vaping, meaning you can vape while charging.

This Endura T18 vape pen battery has a slew of built-in protections, including overcharge and overheating protections, which ensure its stability. Available right here in black, blue, pink, and silver, the Innokin battery is just sitting to be snatched up by a beginner vaper at a remarkably affordable price!